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There are lots of ways that you can be involved and help SCOT - either by specifically contributing to the definition of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda or more generally to become a member of the SCOT community or a partner of the SCOT Network


Contribute to the definition of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 

The SCOT Vision’s public consultation closed on the 11th of September. As many as 28 organizations gave us feedback on the published draft and their comments are being incorporated currently by the SCOT team. In general, stakeholders were positive about the document and the main feedback concerned:

  • The need to adapt the language to policy makers and make reference to climate and energy targets and economic benefits
  • The need to add CO2 and economic figures to help policy makers understand the potential impacts of the technologies
  • An excessive presence of Direct Air Capture in the Vision. While DAC can help close the carbon cycle, high emitting industries such as steel or cement can still make a major contribution to climate change mitigation by capturing and re-using industrial CO2.
  • The underrepresentation of biological processes and biocatalysts in the Vision.
  • The need to qualify the climate remediation arguments linked to CO2 recycling technologies and insist on the development of new sustainable feedstocks for the EU industry

The Vision has been published here. As any Vision though, it will have to be revised and adapted to technological progress in the coming years.


Become a SCOT Community Member and/or SCOT Network Partner

1. Member of the SCOT Community

You can become a member of the SCOT Community by registering for a (free) community account here.

The benefits:

  • get in touch with the SCOT project
  • interact with the SCOT community
  • read and comment on SCOT blog articles
  • get exclusive access to SCOT documents


2. Partner of the SCOT Network

SCOT Network Members have the opportunity to participate in events and engage in the project more actively. For example, through access in draft policy documents and participation in policy discussions which will give SCOT Network partners a chance to shape proposals through their insights and contributions. In addition, SCOT partners will  enjoy ample visibility throughout the project’s networking and communication activities. If you would like your organization to become a partner of the SCOT Network, or would like to know more about the Network, please send us an email via

You can find the SCOT Network Affiliates here.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 319995

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