Briefing paper: EU ETS

Within the SCOT project we have developed a briefing paper with recommendations for the ongoing revision of the EU-ETS. The paper lays out the arguments why mineralization of CO2 should be rewarded under the revised ETS. It also argues that it is not, or not yet, possible to incorporate other forms of CO2 utilization to benefit from the ETS allowance price, but that the ETS funds for modernization and innovation should be open to support all forms of CO2 utilization. You can read the briefing paper here.



This document gives full picture about CO2 impact and needful for capture. But is problem to use full captured CO2 for transforming into useful products as chemicals, plastics, etc. The proble is in prime cost of products what don't compare with similar products from fossil resources because the synthesis processe need the H2 source. Today is base source for hydrogen is natural gas or similar gases from other feedstocks. But cost of H2 production is not enough for synthesis final products with comparable price. My know-how and developments of two companies from different countries allow to produce the hydrogen from every kind of water much cheaper then H2 from other feedstocks. As I the named companies are R&D companies and don't have enough financial resources to implement the name process into industrial technology. Therefore I am looking for the investor-partner, who is looking for the more efficient technology for synthesis.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 319995

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