Briefing paper: EU ETS

Within the SCOT project we have developed a briefing paper with recommendations for the ongoing revision of the EU-ETS. The paper lays out the arguments why mineralization of CO2 should be rewarded under the revised ETS. It also argues that it is not, or not yet, possible to incorporate other forms of CO2 utilization to benefit from the ETS allowance price, but that the ETS funds for modernization and innovation should be open to support all forms of CO2 utilization. You can read the briefing paper here.

SERIA and JAP are now online

The SCOT deliverables, Strategic European Research and Innovation Agenda (SERIA) and the Joint Action Plan (JAP) for Smart CO2 Transformation in Europe are now online. Together with the Vision, which was published last year, these documents are the key deliverables of the SCOT project. They are the final products of extensive research, mapping, assessments and analysis, as well as stakeholder consultations and workshops. You can find the documents here.

CO2 Utilisation database is now online

The CO2 Utilisation database (BETA version) is now online! It includes information on:

  1. EU and regional funding mechanisms throughout North-West Europe that are aimed at CCU;
  2. EU calls that include financing opportunities for CCU projects;
  3. Projects on CO2 Utilisation. These can be academic research programmes, testing facilities, pilot or demonstration projects, or commercial projects by companies.

Recap: Costing the earth - will cheap oil destroy CCU?

On 23 March, SCOT organised a networking workshop in Frankfurt. With the title "Costing the earth - will cheap oil destory CCU?", the workshop focussed on how CCU can develop constantly and safely within the context of low oil prices. A full recap, including presentations and pictures, is available in the SCOT Community section.

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Challenges and opportunities CCU: Training module

The Smart CO2 Transformation (SCOT) Project, throughout its objectives to build capacity to enhance Europe’s competitiveness in CO2 utilisation by providing knowledge to local governments, regional policy makers and export oriented agencies in the area of CO2 utilisation, has developed a short training module. The module is centered around the SCOT Vision, Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SERIA), and a Joint Action Plan (JAP) for Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) in Europe, complemented with a market study on CCU products.

Costing the earth - will cheap oil destroy CCU?

The networking workshop on 23 March 2016 is now open for registration. With the title: "Costing the earth - will cheap oil destroy CCU? Impacts and calls for action", the SCOT team aims to have a day of discussion and get new insights into how CCU can develop constantly and safely within the context of low oil prices. The findings that come out the workshop will directly feed into the Joint Action Plan that will be delivered to the European Commission. The detailed programme can be found here. We have limited space, so make sure you register:


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